Keep your brick home exterior in tip-top condition.
Keep your brick home exterior in tip-top condition.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing or power washing is the term uses for using high-pressure water and cleaning fluid to remove dirt, build-up, mold, dust, and fungus from hard surfaces. While the term pressure washing is used, not all pressure washing uses high-powered water to achieve the results. Most professional pressure washers use pressure washing equipment that uses the right amount of pressure and cleaning solutions to prevent damage and clean the property.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Keep your home or commercial property looking its best! Pressure washing is the key to getting to the bottom of the dirt, mold, or any build-up that accumulates on your exterior surfaces. We use the right equipment and cleaning solutions to clean even the most hard-to-reach areas of your property.

Guide to Pressure Washing

Maintaining Your Property: How Often Should You “Deep Clean” The Exterior of Your Home or Residential Property?

This is a question we get often. Our recommendation is to pressure wash your exterior surfaces at least every 3-5 years. This will prevent mold build-up and keep your property looking great year after year.

Why hire a professional?

If you had the time, the right equipment, cleaning solutions, and a clear understanding of how to clean your property with a pressure washer, you could do it yourself.

In fact, our #1 precaution if you attempt to do this yourself is to be safe!

Many people think they can use a ladder to get to the top of the home and other hard to reach areas with a pressure washer. This is dangerous. We do not recommend holding a pressure washer and balancing yourself on a ladder.

If you have a home, rental property, or office building and would like an estimate for professional cleaning and pressure washing services, we welcome your business! Give us a call today.


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